individual/group shows

The Strand Center for the Arts, Plattsburgh, NY January 9 – February 6, 2015 – “Fine Arts Exhibition by Poole & Shrope” – A two person show with Peter Shrope. 16 Intaglio prints; eight from a collection of multi-imaged prints with the other eight prints came from images collected on a 2013 artist exchange in Mazatlan, Mexico. They consisting of the following:

The Carnicero ‘14       Union Square ‘09
Quinceanera ‘14       Houseboat Environs ‘10
Market Fresh ‘14       Transformed ‘12
Waiting for the Season ‘14       Conversations ‘09
Graffiti I ‘14       The Arrival ‘13
Graffiti II ‘14       Sam’s Inopportune 09
Graffiti III ‘14       Mannequins I ‘09
Peppers ‘14       Riding the “T” ‘12

Designs in Nature
Designs in Nature

Paul Smith’s College VIC (Visitor Interpretive Center), Paul Smiths, NY, Paul Smiths, NY September 25 – October 22, 2014 – “Designs in Nature” – A two person show with Noreen Sadue. 10 Intaglio prints of a variety of images representing nature, consisting of the following:

Ready to Fall ‘09       Cold Cure ‘14
Almost Winter ‘13       Getting Ready ‘12
Iris Twice ‘14       Seed Wheel ‘14
Cornrows ‘09       Nature’s Wonder ‘08
Gathering ‘14       Floating Blossoms ‘09

Pendragon Theatre Gallery, Saranac Lake, NY June 10 - July 18, 2011 – “Local Fare” – A two person show with Sandra Hildreth. 12 Intaglio prints of structures and scenes all from the Saranac Lake area, consisting of the following prints:

Adirondack Moon’09        Tacoma Visitor‘11
7444 in 73’07        Frozen in Time‘11
Downtown Hallmark’11        Remembering‘11
Waiting for Summer’09        Across the Way‘11
Side Entrance’11        Nighttime View‘11
Winter Carnival Icon’11        Hometown‘11

BluSeed Studios, Saranac Lake, NY September 16 – October 23, 2010 – “Two Artists - Two Views” – A two person show with Mary Kate Gainty. 16 Intaglio Prints with a theme of “Doors and Windows into Mazatlan,” consisting of the following prints:

English Titles– –Spanish Titles
The Window with Shutters– –la ventana con postigos‘10
Angel Guardian– –Angel custodio‘10
Doors of History– –Puertas de la historia‘10
Knock Five Times– –Llama cinco veces‘10
Protected Flower Box– –Caja de la flor protegio‘10
Loading Dock Door– –Puerta de carga muella‘10
Is Anyone There?– –¿Hay alguien ahi?‘10
Reflections– –Reflexiones‘10
Symbolism– –Symbolismo‘10
My House Still– –Todavia mi casa‘10
Yesterday's Courtyard– –Patio de ayer‘10
Neighborhood Cafe– –Barrio café‘10
Street Perspective– –Perspectiva de la calle‘10
The House of the Gardener– –la Casa de la Jardinera‘10
Abandoned– –Abandonado‘10
Joy to You and me– –Alegria a usted y a mi‘10

Cantwell Room - Saranac Lake Free Library, Saranac Lake, NY September 12 – October 1, 2008 – “Les Images De Paris” – 25 Intaglio Prints consisting of the following prints:

Bassin Apollon ’08  Bookseller ’08 
Greek God ’08  Street Vendor ’08 
Latona – Goddess of Motherhood ’08  Olive Oil and More ’08 
Fontaine Latona ’08  Masquerade ’07 
Reclining Muse ’08  Bal Masque ’08 
Daily Kindness ’08  Masquerade II ’08 
Degas’ Dancer ’07  Haute Couture ’08 
Parisian Commuter ’07  Une Boutique dans Paris ’08 
Parisian Icon ’08  Mother/Daughter ’07 
Les Voilers au jardin des Tuileries ‘08  Les Musiciens de la Rue ’08 
Notre Dame ’08  Resignation ’07 
Passion ‘08  Une Librairie du Rive Gauche ’08 
La Rue Pietonne ’08   

6 of the images were on paper that was handmade by the artist and some of the images used various coloring techniques including watercolor, chine collé, and viscosity method/surface roll.

7444 Gallery, Saranac Lake, NY September 28- October 14, 2007 – “Something Old – Something New” – 24 Intaglio Prints consisting of the following prints:

Ironwork x 4 ’05  Merryn Sage ’06 
Remembering Miss Norcross ’05  Morning Brew ’07 
Lemonade Day ’06  Window Shopping ’07 
Playtimes Past ’06  Hollywood Bound ’07 
Feeling the Wind ’06  Masquerade ’07 
City Awakens ’06  Mother/Daughter ’07 
Puck ’06  Daily Kindness ’07 
Escape ’06  Parisian Commuter ’07 
Dori’s Door ’06  Resignation ’07 
Neighborhood Stop ’06  Degas’ Dancer ’07 
Nature’s Work ’06  7444 in ‘73 ’07 
Abandoned Strings ’06  Mariachi Players ‘06