artist's statement

Working in the field of non-toxic printmaking allows me to combine the centuries old process of intaglio printmaking with the modern world of digital imaging and the “computer darkroom.” In gathering images for my work, I am attracted to building fronts, window displays, people, items whose time has passed, and the occasional plant or flower. The process of collecting images of what I observe in my surroundings as I travel or take time during my day to notice and capture those things right at hand are what inspires much of my art. Just as in life where our tasks and busy schedules blind us to details of what is going on around us, the colors and textures of what we see can mask the simple yet beautiful details of our world. In creating prints I enjoy the challenge of presenting our everyday world in a way that focuses our attention on the beauty of its simple qualities.

My work has evolved from having a photographic feel to one that has many of the qualities of a woodcut or a line etching. Although, producing prints that have the photogravure qualities is still enjoyable. As someone strongly drawn to back and white photography much of my work uses only one color of ink, often black. However a significant body of my work has introduced more than one color. I have also developed and continue to add to a series of prints that utilize multiple images to create an abstract impression inviting the viewer to explore the details imbedded in the print.

As a printmaker living in the natural splendor of the Adirondacks I am reminded daily of the need to preserve the beauty of our surroundings and environment. By using a non-toxic process and eco-friendly inks in my art, I can continue to work in the field of etching/printmaking without utilizing the environmentally damaging chemicals traditionally associated with this classic form of art.